To G.B.T.F. Taekwondo Association

Aims of the G.B.T.F

Improving Standards

Aiming to improve Taekwondo Standards by re-introducing self defence and weaponry as part of grading requirement.


The G.B.T.F aim to lay down the importance of kicking techniques that demand progressive skill and ability and introduce power to pad work drills.

Positive Image

G.B.T.F aspire to return to the tenents of tae kwon do and respect for senior students, encouraging personal fitness development.

Maintaining High Standards

Refresher courses that allow the instructor to revisit colour belt and black belt patterns to maintain high standards.

Raising Standards

G.B.T.F allows instructors to engage with other martial arts/associations, raising standards of individual clubs.

Fair Enterprise

G.B.T.F is dedicated to improving your taekwondo experience at the lowest possible costs for instructors and students.